3 Exercises To Do Before Shoulder Surgery

Shoulder pain afflicts millions of individuals and countless rotator cuff surgeries, shoulder replacements, SLAP repairs, and biceps tendon surgeries are performed each year. Doctors often disagree on diagnosis and treatment, however, everyone seems to agree that exercise is beneficial.

Regardless of the type of shoulder injury (bursitis, impingement, dislocation, etc.), everyone should do these three exercises prior to shoulder surgery.

The walls will develop cracks if the foundation to the house is weak. The low back is like the foundation and the upper body is like the walls. Extended bed rest can weaken the core muscles, and sitting or laying on a soft surface can damage the lumbar spine and low back muscles, which can effect the shoulders. Strengthening the core muscles will protect the lower back (the foundation) which will in turn protect the shoulders (the walls).

The squat exercise develops strength in the hip and leg muscles. The ability get out of bed or off a chair after shoulder surgery can be particularly tricky, especially if the upper body is restricted, and strengthening the lower body can spare the shoulders from further stress.

Too much bed rest may lead to chronic slouching, which can damage the rotator cuff muscles. The seated row counteracts this by strengthening the rotator cuff muscles which improves posture and speeds up the recovery process!

Shoulder surgery can improve quality of life and eliminate pain. The body should fully heal three to four months after surgery, and these three exercises are guaranteed to speed up the recovery process!

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