3 Tips to Guarantee Exercise and Weight Loss Success

Do you make excuses why you can’t get to the gym?
Do you have difficulty losing weight?
Core Fitness has been helping individuals
just like you accomplish their exercise and weight loss goals for ten years, and guarantees that if you follow these three simple steps, you will accomplish your goals!

1. Write it Down Everyday
The most successful individuals are focussed and disciplined, and daily goal setting helps refine that focus and discipline. Writing your goals everyday cements in your mind where you need to be tomorrow, and it helps you make better decisions throughout the course of the day that supports those goals.

2. Tell Other People
Sticking to an exercise and weight loss regiment requires focus and discipline… but a little peer pressure never hurt either! By telling other people about your goals, you create accountability. After all, you don’t want to disappoint your Facebook friends! Or mom!

3. Hire a Personal Trainer
Hiring a personal trainer can improve your odds of success by as much as 65%. When you hire a personal trainer, you ask someone else to hold you accountable. Core Fitness personal trainers have more than 40,000 hours helping people just like you reach their exercise and weight loss goals, and they will help you too!

Jon has more than 40,000 hours as a personal trainer and can be reached at info@CoreFitnessNJ.com or 732-475-0142.