A Short Interview with Michael Boyle

Michael Boyle
I struggled with knee pain after a car accident in high school. Walking hurt, running hurt, exercise hurt, and surgery seemed inevitable.

Several years later while perusing the aisles in Barnes & Noble, I picked up “Functional Training for Sport," by Michael Boyle. Coach Boyle wrote that knee pain, back pain and hip pain can be caused by weak gluteal (hip) muscles. I was so fixated on the car accident as the cause of my knee pain that I completely ignored any other possibility. The truth was that being a distance runner for almost a decade weakened my gluteal muscles.

Coach Boyle’s book made me make a choice;
blame others for my knee pain or try to fix it myself. Long story short; after doing his program for a few weeks, my knee pain disappeared, and I still run pain free as I approach 40 years old!

Coach Boyle has changed the strength and conditioning industry and the personal training industry (I would argue the physical therapy industry also) and he has taught us that
exercise may be the best tool in preventing back pain, knee pain, hip pain, and shoulder pain.

How did you get into the fitness industry?
“My dad was a teacher/coach and eventually a high school principal. I guess you could say I was born into it except, it didn't really exist when I was a kid. I think I morphed into fitness as our business grew from athletes to include ‘normal people’. Speaking had a lot to do with it. The Perform Better audience was not working with athletes so, I had to tailor my message to personal trainers and group fitness instructors.”

What do you tell people who want to train with you and have pain (back pain, knee pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, etc.)?
“I always say ‘I THINK we can make it better’!”

What is the biggest hurdle working with new clients?
“Getting them! Getting clients is tough. Keeping them has proven to be pretty easy. The market is large and, uninformed.”

If you could magically change one thing about someone who wants to lose weight, what would that be?
“Their diet.”

What would 20 year old Mike Boyle say if I told him he will be very popular personal trainer one day?
“He'd probably have said ‘Whats a personal trainer?’ I was 20 in 1979. Not sure the term was even used then?”

You’ve had a huge influence on myself and hundreds (thousands?) just like me! Thank you Coach Boyle!
“You’re welcome Jon!”

Jon has more than 40,000 hours as a personal trainer and can be reached at info@CoreFitnessNJ.com or 732-475-0142.