Pushups for Neck Strength


An effective resistance training program is a balanced program. Every
pulling exercise should be accompanied by a pushing exercise. The seated row or the chin-up (both “pulling” exercises) and the pushup or the dumbbell press (both “pushing” exercises) should be practiced in equal amounts of sets and repetitions.

Pushups are most effective when the e
lbows are tucked and the shoulders relaxed. When performed properly, the pushup will build muscle, improve posture, and stabilize neck muscles. Conversely, when the pushup is performed incorrectly, none of these great things happen! Also, the pushup is important rehabilitation for injured or tight shoulders, elbows and necks.

The biggest obstacle in determining if someone is ready to do pushups is core strength, and the best way to prepare for pushups is
mastering the seated row. The seated row is best learned with a partner who can put their hands on top of your shoulders and thumbs on the insides of your shoulder blades. The shoulders should be relaxed and the shoulder blades should remain flat throughout the motion.

Pushups should be added to a resistance training program or a rehabilitation program once the seated row can be performed without assistance.

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