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3 Ways to Avoid Knee Surgery

Approximately 700,000 knee replacements and 60,000 to 75,000 ACL reconstructions are performed each year in the United States. Recovery from surgery can last several months, and the emotional and financial strain can be considerable. Knee surgery may be necessary, but there are times when it can be avoided. How? I am glad you asked! Read More...

Share This Article! Snow Shovel Hack for Back Pain

Winter is no fun if you have a bad back. Forget sleighing and building snowman, shoveling is where the fun is! Nothing like good old fashioned manual labor to bring a smile to your face! That is, unless, with every movement you experience excruciating pain. If that’s the case, then you need to do core exercises.

4 Lessons Learned from Back Pain

I’ve worked with back pain sufferers for 15 years and I’ve seen the same problem over and over again; their butt muscles (gluteals) don’t work. Their gluteal muscles are like a car that won’t start, and making the gluteal muscles sore (getting the car to start) will alleviate stress in the low back. Read More...